Thomas Ramey Watson

Cats and their bonds with humans

The study is the first to show in detail that the dynamics underlying cat-human relationships are nearly identical to human-only bonds, with cats sometimes even becoming a furry “child” in nurturing homes.


Doesn’t surprise me a bit.   Read article.


When I was growing up we lived at the edge of a corn field where men would hunt pheasants in the fall.

I cannot tell you how many of our pet cats were shot by them, with some managing to drag themselves home to die. An awful spectacle for children to behold.

Many of my cats, then and now, have been as much like dogs in loyalty and behavior as cats.

Some met me at the school bus with a dead mouse or other trinket, even a cat food tin.

A couple rode around on my shoulders like a fur collar. I had to be careful not to make any sudden moves or the poor cat would dig in his claws to prevent falling.

The cat I have now thinks he’s one of the pack, and, believe me, the dogs wouldn’t have it any other way. He even walks with us and climbs up one tree, then moves to another, to watch while the dogs

and I walk around grassy areas. Sometimes I think he does it to show the dogs that he can do something they can’t.

People who aren’t used to seeing this sometimes slow down or stop to watch. When we walk down the street it’s quite a little parade.

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