Thomas Ramey Watson

Canadian health care again

A friend sent me this blurb she came across on her internet travels.

It gives a human side to the health care debate.

I’d give credit but have no idea how to do that in this case.   The friend doesn’t remember where it came from.

 H1N1 “None dare call it swine” flu…

Yeah, I thought the name change was kind of silly too… until I actually caught H1N1.

I now understand the utility of using H1N1 instead of telling people you have the Swine Flu.

Sidenote: since I’m a Canadian, once I was ambulatory, I called my doctor’s office on a Sunday morning, got an appointment for later that afternoon, waited 5 minutes to see my doctor, had a swab taken & received a prescription (which my (government) employer’s health plan covered). I got my test results the next day (the doctor called me at home to tell me I tested positive for H1N1) & was almost totally recovered after 4 days.

Yep, socialized medicine sure does suck.

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