Thomas Ramey Watson

Brian McLaren’s “A New Kind of Christianity”

From an interview with McLaren by Melvin Bray:

“I [McLaren] think we moved from the pre-modern metaphor of the king’s court to the modern metaphor of the judge’s courtroom. And now, I think we’re growing as restless with the court and constitution metaphor as our ancestors did with the kingly metaphor.

If the earlier one seemed despotic,

the later one seems bureaucratic.

So we’ re on a quest for new metaphors.

My proposal is that we’re moving from courtroom to quest as a primary metaphor.

We’re not trying to once and for all arrange the evidence that demands a final verdict: we’re on an unending quest for truth, for better understanding, for insight that leads to love for God and neighbor.”

Good article. Click to read.

Sounds like a good book too.

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