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Thomas Ramey Watson, Ph.D., is an affiliate faculty member of Regis University’s College of Professional Studies in Denver, Colorado. He has served as the Episcopal chaplain (lay) for the Auraria Campus in Denver and taught English for the University of Colorado at Denver. He has trained as a psychotherapist, has done postdoctoral work at Cambridge University, and was named a Research Fellow at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University. He is the author of many scholarly writings, including an acclaimed book on Milton, Perversions, Originals, and Redemptions in Paradise Lost. He is a published author of poetry, fiction, and numerous articles about counseling and coaching. His popular memoir, Baltho, The Dog Who Owned a Man, is about his rescued Afghan Hound, Balthazar, or Baltho, who turned out to act as his co-therapist. His first book of poetry, the Necessity of Symbols, is also well regarded, as is his second poetry book, Love Threads.  All his books are available from this site as well as and from some local book stores.  Several other books are in the works, including a novel, Reading the Signs: A Paranormal Love Story, and a few more books of poetry. One of Watson’s prominent forebears on his mother’s side was Jacques LaRamee. A number of places in the upper Rocky Mountain West bear his name to this day. Laramie, Wyoming is the best known. Jacques was a renowned and influential explorer and fur trapper. Because he was just, honest, and treated others, including the often despised native Americans, well, he was held in high esteem. One winter, the story goes, the native Americans were starving, so they killed one of Ramee’s cattle. He told his workers not to say anything; they were hungry. Jacques shared with fellow free trappers his theory that the world was wide and there was room enough for all. He had the courage to live his convictions. He followed the beat of his own heart, not what was imposed on him from outside. Dr. Watson believes that journeying in various realms of the mind, the physical world, and the soul is central to enjoying the good life. All of us can use the insights gleaned from becoming aware of the intersecting planes of existence for fuller and more deeply lived lives. Watson’s writings and his works all move in this direction. flopsy-lusts-for-granola Flopsy lusts after a package of granola that is just out of reach. FEES Fees are negotiable and based upon the time necessary to do the work you want done. I am flexible and can work with you in segments as small as a half hour, or fifteen minutes, if we are doing telephone or Internet consultations. I can also do intensive work in which we block out several hours devoted to you, your company, or institution. We can schedule regular times, or we can work as needed. flopsy-chases-vehicle Flopsy chases motor vehicles. Before we meet for the first time, I suggest you write down the major issues you would like to address. That way you will be more focused, even though we will likely make changes as our work together progresses. If you have questions, please feel free to email or call me with them. I will be glad personally to answer you.  I can also put you in touch with other holistic practitioners who work with me.

Without justice, not just for one but for all–not only the powerful, but the disenfranchised, those without voices, the poor in spirit and material goods–there can be no real or lasting peace.

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