Thomas Ramey Watson

Bingo, a horse, and Rosie, a cow, lifetime companions die days apart

When a husband or wife who’ve been married many years dies, it’s not unheard of that the other will depart shortly thereafter. The romantic argues the surviving spouse dies from a broken heart.

Companions for 18 years, Rosie, a cow, and Bingo, a horse—who lived on Manatuck Farm in Weston—met a similar fate. Bingo, 30, was put down after a brief digestive illness on Feb. 7. Nine days later, Rosie, 18 and arthritic, was put down after she sat down and couldn’t—or wouldn’t—get back up.

“Rosie was very quiet without him,” said Kara Shepherd, a Ridgefield resident who owned the two animals and has spent half of her life—22 years—at Manatuck. “She ate and went outside to lay in the sun, but I could tell she missed her best friend. It was heartbreaking to see her look for him in the field.”

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