Thomas Ramey Watson

Beware big breakfasts

Although people tend to eat a set number of calories for lunch and dinner, the study revealed that big breakfasts may lead to bigger meals all day long.

So take the opportunity to knock down your daily calorie intake by exercising portion control in the morning.

You don’t want to skip breakfast altogether; that just sets you up for overeating later.

But don’t think of breakfast as a daily freebie, where you get to chow down to your heart’s content. A light, low-calorie breakfast will help you snack less later on but still help you feel satisfied at the start of your day.

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In the study, it mattered not only how much people ate at breakfast but what they ate, too.

When people ate things like eggs, sausage, cheese, marmalade, and butter for breakfast, they tended to overdo it.

So don’t grab just anything from the kitchen.

Stock up on fresh fruit and whole-grain items that you can prepare — or grab — quickly.

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