Thomas Ramey Watson

Baxter, Heroic Golden Retriever, Helps Save Brother After Both Were Lost For Two Weeks (VIDEO)

Two Golden Retrievers were trapped in the woods for two weeks before one was able to break free and lead his owner back to his brother.

Penny Blackwell’s two dogs, Baxter and Bailey, disappeared from her yard in Sandwich, Mass., on September 26, reports MSN Now.

Blackwell plastered her neighborhood and Facebook page with fliers begging for help. Although her neighbors and friends helped search for the dogs, the pair couldn’t be found.

“I had pretty much given up hope that they were going to come home,” Penny told CBS Boston.

But on October 8, one of the people who had seen Blackwell’s Facebook post found a dog matching Baxter’s description, according to

Unfortunately, though, Bailey was nowhere to be seen.

But once Baxter was reunited with his owner, he led her directly back to his brother — who was still tangled in the brush and unable to move.


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