Thomas Ramey Watson

Baby Elephant Rescued From Well (Video)

Three conservationists from the Amboseli Trust for Elephants are heroes after they saved an 8-month-old elephant that had fallen into a man-made well in a Kenya national park and then reunited the calf with her mother. The heartwarming rescue operation was captured on video and has been viewed by thousands.

Volunteers in two jeeps rushed to the flats in the Amboseli National Park when they heard about the calf falling into a shallow well. They knew they had to act quickly before herders would arrive to water their cattle and force the mother elephant to abandon her baby. The wells which are dug by the Masai tribesmen who live around the national park have become an increasing problem between the animals and humans that share the land.

“The baby elephant was too small to crawl out on its own and would have died without the help of rescuers. If the elephant dies, it ruins the well, angering the Masai who live nearby,” reported the Associated Press.

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