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Ayurvedic practitioner addresses electromagnetic toxicity

By Lauren LaRocca
News-Post Staff

“Ayurvedic tips for reducing electromagnetic toxicity

# Walk under moonlight, especially when the moon is full or near

# Lay down on the earth.

Clean sand or clay soil is the best.
# Walk near water or under big, green trees.

# Hug and hold

a tree. Put your chest (heart area) against the trunk.

# Rinse your face with cool water three to six times per day.

# Keep plants near the computer to absorb EMF.
# Don’t keep any electronic devices in the bedroom.
# Stop TV and computer after 7 p.m.
# Take a break every two hours and go outside in the fresh air.
# Unplug electronic devices and turn them off when not using.

This is especially important for cell phones and computers in the bedroom at night. Turn off wireless routers at night while sleeping.

# Drink alkaline spring water while working on a computer.”

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