Thomas Ramey Watson

Animals, spirit-animals, and omens

When an animal appears in an unusual way or repetitively in a short period of time, I take it as an omen or sign. When this happens, it’s important to take time to pause and meditate on these appearances, to discern what the message is and its relevance and meaning for the question or concern is at hand. In Power Animals: How to Connect with Your Animal Spirit Guide, I wrote:

“Animal spirit guides also teach you when they show up in your dreams, meditations, or ordinary reality. When they do, whether or not the animal is your power animal, they’re attempting to give you a message. When an animal shows up in ordinary reality in an uncommon way or at unusual times, such as an owl in the daytime, a deer in your front yard, or a whale out of season, this is most definitely an omen. Pay close attention to whatever’s going on and see if you can discern the message. You may have to meditate on the experience before gaining some insight as to the meaning, and it can be helpful to consult this book or other resources as to the significance of that particular animal.

“Another powerful omen is when an animal shows herself to you frequently or persistently (at least three or more times) in a short period of time, such as over a few hours. It can be the actual animal, a symbol for the animal such as a carved figure or totem, or the printed word for the animal. Pay close attention and see if you can discern the meaning. If Deer shows up three times in relatively rapid succession, is this a call for gentleness with yourself or someone else? If it’s Hummingbird, are you missing the joy and sweet nectar of life by your narrow focus? These signs don’t tell you their precise meaning; they’re merely trying to get your attention. The meaning is for you to discern.”

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