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A new book about an author who investigates life after death

An excerpt from “Magic, Mysticism & the Molecule” by Micah A. Hanks:

As the “media blitz” involving radio and other appearances in support of my new book, Magic, Mysticism and the Molecule continues, I thought I would make available here for readers of the Gralien Report an excerpt from the book’s second chapter.

The following snippet from my book details my introduction to Dr. Raymond Moody, whose unique variety of grief counseling involves the use of an ancient magical tool called the “psychomanteum.” My own experiences with this ancient practice, as well as those close to me at the time, began to get increasingly strange and unsettling as we proceeded

with using it to unravel bizarre mysteries of the mind.

You’ll get an idea of what I’m referring to in the excerpt below.

Read blog and sample chapter.

Sounds like an interesting book that also alerts people to the weirdness involved in doing this kind of investigation.

I too have had several mystical experiences in my lifetime, some with those who

have passed over.

I do not recommend seeking them out.

Nor do I recommend drawing hard and fast conclusions from them. Such experiences are complex, and we must always be careful to develop, and keep, our critical thinking skills.

Just because someone has passed over does not mean they have become wise and all-knowing. Impostors in the spirit world can also pose as someone they are not.

People end up in strange places mentally and spiritually when they do not stay balanced and careful.

Stay positive. But stay grounded.

We wear bodies on this plane.

We must honor our incarnations and take care of the physical world, just as we must be mindful of the spiritual. This too is a balancing act that requires wisdom and maturity.

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