Thomas Ramey Watson

3 Healing Scents for the Holiday Season

Of all our senses, there is only one that is directly hard-wired to the brain, making it one of the most powerful and often underrated of our senses: our sense of smell.

Amazingly enough there is still a good deal of debate over how our sense

of smell actually works, but there is little debate over its significance.

To begin with, seventy to seventy-five percent of what we perceive as taste comes from our sense of smell alone!

It gives us cues to understand if something is toxic, pleasant, yummy, or rotten.

But it can do m ore than stimulate our appetite

or warn us of spoiled food.

Our sense of smell vividly links us to memories, eases tension and stimulates both body and mind.

During the seasonal change that we are currently experiencing, bringing warm or bright scents into your home can reawaken pleasant moments from the past, stimulate the immune system, and provide a welcoming atmosphere for guests.

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