Thomas Ramey Watson

Childhood Sexual Abuse and its Treatment

From the book The Trauma Myth: The Truth About the Sexual Abuse of Children and Its Aftermath by Susan A.

Clancy. Copyright © 2009 by Susan A. Clancy.

“In nearly all the cases, the adults I questioned had not experienced the abuse as traumatic when it occurred and only came to regard it as so years later.

And in many of the cases, they had never been questioned about their evolving sense of the abuse and the ongoing impact that it had on their lives, but only

about what the traumatic experience had been like at the time.

These findings led me to question the progress professionals in the sexual abuse field have made when it comes to understanding and treating child sexual abuse.”

Read article. My own experience in dealing with abuse victims would back up Clancy’s findings. The issue is complex, and, as usual, people, including therapists, want to oversimplify it.

That is never helpful.

Complex issues must be treated as complex issues, no matter how uncomfortable or time-consuming the course of treatment becomes.

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