Thomas Ramey Watson

15-Year-Old Dog Stumbles Onto Hero’s lawn

Bringing Roadie home – he laid his head across my thigh

Leaving him was never an option once I had found him.

I made him a bed on the front seat of my Jeep, picked him up and laid him on it.

I hitched up the utility trailer and began

the drive home wondering if this now soundly sleeping old boy would make it back to the farm.

Just a few miles down the road, he lifted his head and looked at me with the one big brown eye he could open as if to say thank you, then laid that head across my right thigh where it stayed the entire ride home and he went back to sleep.

He made it back to the farm with me where I bedded him down comfortably in an empty stall in the barn, wanting to keep him isolated from the other dogs there until I could take him to the vet’s office first thing the next morning.

I carried him into the vet’s office and laid him on the exami

nation room table, fully expecting to allow the vet to send this poor sweet old man on to a better place.

He opened his one good eye and reached out and touched me with his paw and I knew right then and there that this poor old boy was going to break my heart.

The veterinary exam.

What would they find


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