Thomas Ramey Watson

13 Things to Never Say to People Who Suffer From Chronic Pain


Chronic pain is something I’ve lived for years, chronic headaches, chronic hip pains and related chronic back pain, chronic neck aches and chronic muscle pain… not to mention the emotional pain that came with it.

I’ve healed from my non-stop, 24/7 chronic headaches and running happily without chronic hip pains again.

I am grateful for every pain-free moment. I am happy for my healing. I also don’t take it for granted.

I understand others who are struggling with chronic pain right now. While I believe healing is possible for just about any condition, I know that in some cases it can take decades of trial and error and for some healing may not arrive this lifetime. The hope is out there. Healing is a journey. Personal and spiritual growth happens even if the pain doesn’t disappear just yet.

Still, living with chronic pain is difficult. I felt misunderstood, lost and lonely — often hopeless. During my many years with chronic pain I’ve heard many comments from friends, family and strangers. While I know most of these comments came with good intentions from kindness, the truth is many of these comments were hurtful, annoying, unhelpful and even inappropriate.


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