Thomas Ramey Watson

12 reasons to love quinoa

A staple of the ancient Incas who revered it as sacred, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is not a true grain, but a seed. Surprisingly, it is related to spinach and Swiss chard. If you’re not already enjoying this delicious food, here are 7 reasons to start.

1. Unlike most grains quinoa is a complete protein. Most grains lack one or more of the essential amino acids, making them incomplete. Quinoa packs an amino acid punch.

2. Quinoa is rich in nutrients, including: manganese, iron, magnesium, B-vitamins, and fiber.

3. In studies, quinoa is a proven aid for migraine sufferers, likely due to its magnesium and riboflavin content. Magnesium helps relax muscles and riboflavin helps reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and improves energy metabolism within brain and muscle cells.

4. Like its grain counterparts, quinoa lessens the risk for heart disease and helps with heart arrhythmias.

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