Thomas Ramey Watson

11 Reasons Your Crazy Cat Obsession Makes You Happier And Healthier

Even pet owners who prefer puppies can’t deny the major benefits that come along with caring for a furry friend of either species. Science shows that pets can help prevent allergies in kids, ward off respiratory infections, improve your mood and even boost self-esteem.

Whether you’re a crazy cat lady or a dude ready to publicly proclaim your obsession with your feline friend, get ready to celebrate the many pros of being a proud cat owner — all negative stereotypes aside.


Personally I think everyone ought to have one or two cats and one or two dogs. You could take on more if you really are capable of taking good care of them. But taking proper care of an animal, like a child, requires time, wisdom, and work–not to mention money, not just for food but for toys, training, medical care, and so on.

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