Thomas Ramey Watson

Those who call evil good and good evil

A few days ago my inner teacher gave me this insight into someone I know who still believes TRump is the best thing that ever happened. He’s always tossing stones from his glass house. Loving every conspiracy theory that pricks his ears, he refuses to admit how many of them he’s insisted I consider–ones that I said were wrong at the time and have been proved so. Even he has changed his tune on ones regarding COVID.

But not on TRump and those terrible Democrats who are destroying the country, turning us into a socialistic war zone run over by immigrants, angry minorities, and so on.

This is the same person whom I warned a couple times in the summer that he was headed for a big crisis. My inner teacher told me that his body was being turned over to Satan for destruction that his spirit might be saved on the Day of the Lord” (not just after death of the body). 1 Corinthians 5:5

And then, several weeks later, his mother told me he wasn’t as healthy as he thought. I heard her twice, then told him. Never a pleasant task.

Soon after, he was diagnosed with cancer.

As I’ve told him, not all people who are ill are suffering judgment. We mustn’t make that mistake. There are many reasons people fall ill. But when God cannot get people’s attention in other ways, God turns them over that they might repent. “Fear not those who can kill the body but the One who can kill the soul,” says Jesus (Matthew 10:28).

Those who call evil good and good evil are as good as dead, who turn darkness into light and light into darkness, who turn bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter. Isaiah 5:20 NET Bible